Ground Roving

Fabulous and flamboyant a majority of the Stiltwalking characters are also available off stilts for ground roving. Please also enjoy these additional characters that are sure to bring a smile to your face.
Also includes New Statue works.


  20 Outrageous Razza BOUNCY SHOES GROUND

Outrageous Razza

This bouncy gal is full of beans..She loves her sports and fitness and nothing better than bouncing around!!

20 Outrageous Razza BOUNCY SHOES GROUND

Clothes Line Clowns:

Get ur washing out because these two clowns come with an assortment of pegs and can hang anything up on their clothes line. Fun and highly interactive these two will have you laughing at their silliness and slapstick.

Piggy Wiggy:

Oinky Oinky Piggy Wiggy really loves to strut his stuff, and comes with two of the finest cowgirls/boys you will every meet. This Piggy is also available for Christmas when he dresses up in his best Christmas Ham attire, and matching Christmassy performers
10 Crunchy Munchy Rabbit STILTS & GROUND

Easter Bunny:

meet the one and only Crunchy Munchy rabbit who loves hoping and carrots and Easter eggs too…delicious!


Angel Statue

This beautiful Angel Statue will capture you with her Angelic charm and composure. She moves with ease, grace and sophistication.