08 Tinsel Toes & Merry Mischievious STILTS & GROUND

~Tinsel Toes & Merry Mischievous:

The name says it all.. These are a couple of the most crazy Xmas fools u will ever meet
05 Gingerbread Men STILTS

~Gingerbread Men: 

 totally tasy and a little bit crispy these Gingerbread delights are totally sweet!!!
03 Toy Soldiers STILTS & GROUND

~Toy Soldiers:

Sergeant Major Nutcase and Corporal Crackers, are a couple of nutcrackers delighted to be of service!
04 Santas Reindeer Riders STILTS & GROUND


 These reindeers are no ordinary reindeers, they are Santa’s squeaky nose reindeers and love nothing more than a good day out

01 white Xmas and Snowflake Angel w Lights STILTS

~White Xmas and Angel Snowflake:

Beautiful and angelic they are tall enough to sit on top of your Xmas tree, and will dazzle you with there light up wings

~Xmas Pudding and Berries:

~Xmas Pudding and Berries: All year people look fwd to the one and only Xmas pudding and berries. Warm and friendly these two are certainly a delicacy to indulge.

07 Candy & Cane STILTS & GROUND

~Candy and Cane:

The saying the  Candy Man Can is certainly true for these two Long legged candy striped delights

06 Lollie & Candy STILTS & GROUND

~Lolly and Candy: 

Sweet and delicious, these two characters are two party treats that you will never want to be with out!

02 Three Wise Men STILTS

Three Wize Men.

 Old, Frank and Mow, three Bearded folk are Wize beyond there years. Slightly hard at hearing they can make any sentence sound fantastic, and love some  good old Xmas jollyness