Cultural /Eras

43 Maizey Dayz STILTS & GROUND

OOh Lala’s:

(18th Century Brocade) Full of giggles and poomphiness, these ladies are always good for a laugh, and will be your greatest fan. Lady Oohla and Lady Lala will make any event a little more fancy!
[ 21 Disco Divas STILTS

Dazzling Disco Divas:

Gloria Goldshine and Silvia Stardust will entertain u with there cheesy dance moves and of course their fake microphones, as they love to interact and ask random musical questions.
41 Marilyn STILTS & GROUND

Marilyn Munroe:

 This world class Icon is blonde and buxom and comes with a light up shawl.
So keep your head high, keep ur chin up, and most importantly keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about
12 Bogolon Tribal STILTS & GROUND


 Like shifting sands of this tribe roam the earth with their story….. They stop, play, freeze and mould to the mirage of ur imagination. They are mysterious intriguing characters and their play is visually spectacular and playful
19 Bling Massive Hip Hoppers STILTS    

Bling Massive:

 Meet Millimetre and Biggie-Talls, these two hip hoppers will spice up your event with their gangster shhbangles and Stylin moves! They celebrate Life, fashion and culture!
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Day of The Dead :

(Spanish: Dia de Muertos) Celebrating a Mexican holiday observed around the world these characters come and celebrate gatherings of family and friends. These characters are strangely haunting and stunningly graceful.
image (13)


 Glamorous and girly these ladies will captivate you with there luscious outfits of feathers and sequence, and entice you with their giant feathery fans… With Lots of fun and frivolity!
image (14)

Rhythm of Carnivale:

 Flamboyant and feathery, this duo are a sight to behold with their large headresses and flirtations. This energetic cocktail of South American Flavour is guaranteed to transform your event into a paradise of fabulousness!
image (15)

Marie Antionette and Luis XVI:

 Bonjour, Aristocratic Duo are all about Cakes and cupcakes and love to make everything a little bit more classy.

Seven Seas Sailors:

 1950s pin ups come to life, these cute Sailors boast of Ship board shenanigans. They are decorated in Australian flag colours with life-rings to match. Giant Bubbles available
Grandma and Dolly puppet

Grandma & her Puppet Dolly

who does love an adorable grandma who is the teller of tall stories, and loves none other than her favourite dolly Buttons. She will get Buttons to say wave, curtesy and even pour a nice cup of tea.