Story Telling

49 The Rainbow painter STORYTELLING

~The Rainbow Painter

This beautiful Story celebrates colour in nature and includes 7of the cutest fairy puppets you could ever meet. The Fairies and children get together to make up a beautiful Rainbow. An Interactive show including music. Fabulous for children up to 8years!

   50 Streganona STORYTELLING


: Cute and with cackley, this interactive story will fill u up with enough spagettit to eat for a long time. Hairy, warty and a little bit green this is the perfect Halloween story

51 Raggedy's Magic Toy Box SHOW

~Raggedy’s Toy Box:

: Come and play inside Raggedy’s Toy Box, and meet her favourite friends… including Pirate Black Beard, Dancing Dino the Dingaling Dinosaur and Bubbles The Fish! Highly interactive with dinosaur dance moves and music to match!Fabulous for children up to 8years!
48 There was an Old Lady STORYTELLING

~Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

: Come and celebrate this Classic Tale and meet the Old lady! This Old Lady is no ordinary Lady, she is an interactive puppet that you can feed all the animals too, one at a time. She is a little bit cheeky and also come in an Australian Version including a fly and a pair of thongs. Fabulous for children’s up to 8years!

57 Easter show   

~Crunchy Munchy Carrot Show:

: Enjoy this hilarious Show that turns Crunchy Munchy Carrots into you my tummy Easter Eggs! Including music, carrots and an Easter Egg for every child. This show was enjoyed over Easter when it was recently performed for 5days as part The City of Perth celebrations. Fabulous for children up to 8years!