Fairy tale /Circus

35 Toy box Monsters STILTS & GROUND

Toy Box Monsters:

These furry monsters are straight out of ur imagination and fun for any Toy Box. These four legged characters are Funny, cute, and a little bit cheeky. 
39 Mermaids STILTS & GROUND


These shimmering mermaids are totally magnificent and straight out of the great blue sea. With waves of blues and aquas these mermaids are a totally visual delight of Ocean mist and shells

38 Fancy Gold Pants STILTS   & GROUND

Fancy Gold Pants: Haa-harr

.. Pirate is a little bit fancy and loves to tell tales of the high seas and of course gold and treasure chests. She will entertain you with Mischievous merriment and Piratey jokes.

Giant Bubbles available.

37 Pirate Popperty STILTS

Pirate Popperty:

This Pirate ship has certainly got a hole in its bottom, with two Piartes required to sail this magnificent vessel, they row row row the boat and love to commandeer a kiddy crew
17  Buzzy Bugz STILTS & GROUND

Buzzy Bugz:

Meet Bumble Bee and Ladybug, the worlds biggest and friendliest Bugz! They are definitely friends for life and they love to show off their magnificent wings and bug like antics!

18 Fairycake STILTS & GROUND

Fairy Cake:

This Fairy is like a whole bowl of Hundreds and thousands…bright and colourful she can tell you how to make the worlds best fairy Cake in less than one minute!! She knows of many friends that live under toadstools in your back garden, and also the secrets of rainbows!

Giant Bubbles available.

11 Lephrechaun STILTS


Partaking in mischief, this fairy creatures spends all their time busily making shoes, and stores away all their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If ever captured by a human, the Leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their release

Warty Witchy-woos:

As wonderful and warty as ever, this wacky witch promises to turn all naught people into toads and give them warty noses and hairy eyeballs




Witchy and her Pet Monster:

 Some Warty Wacky Witches have pet cats, but not this cackle pot, she has a very cute, and very fluffy pet monster, who makes the most un-scarey noises yet and loves nothing more than a pat and a scratch behind the ear




43 Maizey Dayz STILTS & GROUND

Maizey Dayze Cowgirl:

Let’s give an almighty…Yeehar for this cute cowgirl. With her trusty steed Hobble-tooth, he is the only hobby horse with grills and fashion status (duo available)

30 Red, White n Black Troupe

Carnival Troupe:

With everything u could possibly need in these fabulous colours including Stiltwalkers, mime artist, unicyclist, hula-hoopers, musicians and ground rovers! What a fabulous troupe to enjoy!

29 Pierrotte STILTS & GROUND

Pierette and Columbina:

These two clowns will dissolve u into tears of love and happiness. Celebrating the simple things in life… love, kindredness, gratitude and abundance
33 Rag dolls STILTS & GROUND


Meet Buttons and Stitch, two adorable children’s toys, straight out of the toy box. They are one of the most ancient children’s toys in existence and love to come out to play!

26 Jester & Clown STILTS & GROUND

Jester n Clown:

Come celebrate a bit of mischief and magic with these two comical and colourful characters. They are a timeless reference to hilarity and slapstick event to the most serious of viewers.


Coloumbina & Harlequin:

 Say Hi to these two crazy Clowns. A Little bit of Love & a little bit of mischief all rolled in to one.


31 Mad Hatter STILTS & GROUND

Mad Hatter:

Mad or Bonkers that is the question? This well loved character is all so silly and boasts an assortment of teas…reality, normality, insanity, and peculiarity, and all kinds of other silly things can they offer?

32 Wonderland Troupe

Alice in Wonderland:

 Meet Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts and The March Hare, these crazy fun filled characters certainly have a taste for tea parties, and all things unusual and silly! A Deck of Cards and Cheshire also available.